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Because the real purpose of any website is to try to make people think you're cool.

This site is about my fiction writing. Mostly my novels. Which are mostly adventure fantasy.


The Stories page has a list of my work, some of which you can read for free on this site, some of which you can buy, and some of which are teasers for stuff I'm writing in the near future and are going to rock your socks off.


The News page will keep you up to date on all the thrilling moments in my writing life. You'll notice I post about three times a year. A writer's life is not thrilling.

The Blogish page talks about random things writing related, and is not a true blog, it's only kinda blogish, because I'm not taking pictures of my food or telling you about how unbelieveably awesome my kids are (and they are unbelieveably awesome, by the way). That page is just my thoughts on the art and science of writing and unlike a real blog I'm only adding stuff when I have something to say on the subject of writing that I think others will really benefit from.


If you really want to follow my daily ramblings, you can like my professional page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (links at bottom of this page). Please note I have two Facebook pages - one as a writer and one as a real person. If you like my writing and want to know what's going on there, use the links on this page for that - you will get no social / political ramblings, no pictures of my kids, none of that personal Facebooky stuff, just writing-related posts. If you send a friend request to my personal Facebook account and I don't know you in the real world, I'm not going to accept it. Nothing personal against you, but I use my personal account to keep up with friends and my professional account to keep in touch with readers. 


By the way, all the art on this site (including book covers) was done by Eric Hibbeler. I would gush over how brilliant the man is, but you can see the art for yourself so really, why sully that beautiful experience with my words?


If you came to this page hoping you and I would get to know each other a little better, well then let's play a game...



Two Truths and a Lie


For ten months after graduating college I worked on a tobacco farm in North Carolina. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was hired along with a few dozen other guys as replacement for long-time employees who had quit prior to launching a class-action lawsuit claiming that years of sweaty work in which they were constantly touching tobacco leaves caused so much nicotine to seep into their skin they had developed chronic health problems.


In college I raced bicycles on the University of Colorado Cycling Team. I won my first race my junior year. The guy who finished second in that race went on a few years later to ride on Lance Armstrong’s team in the Tour de France, won an Olympic gold medal, and then was banned from professional cycling for life after twice testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.


I lived in New Zealand the entire summer prior to my senior year of high school. I spent most of my time with an outdoor expedition group going on adventures such as whitewater kayaking and spelunking. It took us four days of hiking in knee deep snow to reach the peak of Mount Ruapehu, the tallest mountain on New Zealand’s north island, which also happens to be an active volcano. Six years later I watched on television as the exact place I had stood during that expedition exploded from a volcanic eruption.


Which two of these stories are true? If we ever meet I'll tell you. Or you can just email me through my Contact page and ask.

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