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This Will Give Me Something To Read While I'm On the Toilet


One of my favorite writers in comic books is Brian Michael Bendis. He’s written great stuff using Marvel’s mainstream characters, like Spider-Man and Daredevil, but also creates his own and puts them in stories that are unlike anything else out there (see “Powers” and “Alias”).


I was in L.A. for the Wizard World convention a few years ago, doing some networking and trying to get a gig writing for Marvel. (which happily wound up working out, check out this post for that story) I ran into Bendis there and we had the following exchange:


Me: Hey, I’m David. We’ve met briefly a couple times before because I’ve attended all your writing lectures at other Wizard World cons.


Bendis: Yeah, you look familiar. How you doing?


Me: I also mailed you a CGI comic book series that I wrote and self-published.


Bendis: Oh, that’s your book? I loved those.


Me: You did?


Bendis: Yeah, I sent you emails saying how much I liked them. Didn’t you get my emails?


Me: Uh… no. But thanks.


(At this point I made a mental note to curse out every person at my worthless internet service provider, who’s spam algorithm apparently thinks I want every piece of mail with “Viagra” as the subject line but don’t want emails from my favorite writers complimenting my work.)


Me continued: Hey, can I give you a copy of this book I wrote? I’m using it to try to get gigs writing for Marvel.


Bendis: Yeah, thanks. I was just heading to the bathroom and this will give me something to read while I’m on the toilet.


And without another word, Brian Michael Bendis turned and walked away.

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