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My WorldCon Schedule

I'll be at WorldCon August 17-21, 2016 and lucky you, you get to come to my panels and listen to me try to sound smart.

Reboot! Changing Up Comic Characters

Friday 18:00 - 19:00, 2204 (Kansas City Convention Center)

Spider Gwen, Amadeus Cho, Thor, Captain America. We've seen a lot of rebooted characters int he last couple of years with dramatically altered social and cultural backgrounds. The panel discuss how these "new" old characters have changed the Marvel Universe, for better and worse.

Robin Wayne Bailey (M), Nina Niskanen, David VonAllmen, Curtis Chen, Tui Sutherland

Flash Fiction: Short, But Not Easy

Saturday 10:00 11:00, 3501D (Kansas City Convention Center)

Many people think that flash fiction must be easy to write since the stories are so short. It takes real skill to be able to tell a compelling story in only a few hundred words. Our panel will discuss some of the key skills needed, and the best places to get your flash fiction noticed.

John Wiswell, Anna Yeatts, Caroline M. Yoachim (M), Betsy Dornbusch, Chris Phillips, David VonAllmen

Comics and the Rist of Digital Distribution

Sunday 11:00 - 12:00, 3501B (Kansas City Convention Center)

With the advent of web comics and the online distribution of comics via the likes of ComiXology, have underground comics gone mainstream? Creators of indie comic books can theoretically reach international audiences, but do they have the time and resources to compete with the thousands of other small press offerings seeking the same market? Are creators free to create as they wish now or are other pressures coming to bear on their time and choice of work? Does a subversive, independent comic book scene exist?

Fez Meadows, Kaja Foglio, Golden Ozawa, Stephen Stiles (M), David VonAllmen

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