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I'm Going to be Published in Writers of the Future

I am honored to announce that I was chose to be a Published Finalist in this year's Writers of the Future anthology.

For those who don't know what that is, it's the most prestigious short story writing competition in Science Fiction and Fantasy. The panel of judges is filled with some of the biggest authors in the field of SF and Fantasy, most of them multiple award winners and New York Times bestsellers.

About 8,000 people enter each year, making it the largest genre writing competition in the world.

The award of Published Finalist means that I didn't finish in the top 3, but I garnered enough votes from the judges to be included in the Writers of the Future anthology, which is a collection of the top 12 to 15 stories and has been published each of the 33 years the competition has been around.

i will also be flown to LA and given a one week writing workshop by the contest's judges along with the other winners and published finalists.

It's the biggest hone of my writing career. So far.

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