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My Archon Schedule

I'm going to my first Archon - which is the biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in the St. Louis area - and I'm going to be on some panels.

I know! You weren't even thinking about going before but now you can't wait!

Star Wars - Is It What We Hoped It Would Be

Friday 12:00 - 12:50, Salon 6 (Gateway Center)

With Episode VIII only months away, how do we feel about what we've gotten so far? Have Episode VII and Rogue One lived up to our dreams - and did they make up for Episodes I-III?

David VonAllmen (M), Jimmy D. Gillentine, Paul Hahn

Gauging Your Own Success

Friday 13:00 - 13:50, Marquette A (Gateway Center)

Find out how to tackle this tricky topic, so you can stop your ego or self-doubt from interfering with your writing.

Sarah Jude, Cole Gibsen (M), David VonAllmen, Henry Melton, Guy Anthony De Marco

Game of Thrones: The Beginning of the End

Friday 19:00 - 19:50, Illini A (Gateway Center)

There's only one season left to determine who will claim the Iron Throne. Come share your theories on how it all will end.

Van Allen Plexico (M), Don Price, David VonAllmen

Comic Book Movies: Have We Reached Critical Mass?

Friday 21:00 - 21:50, Great Rivers A (Gateway Center)

Is there still room in Hollywood for new movies based on comics or have we hit our saturation point?

Jack Snyder (M), Dev Hanke, David VonAllmen

Sex and Controversy in Young Adult Literature

Saturday 18:00 - 18:50, Marquette B (Gateway Center)

A discussion of how YA uses sex and controversy to meet the needs of teens. What are the limits? Should there be limits?

Cole Gibsen (M), Rachel Neumeier, David VonAllmen, Mr. Brian Katcher, Tom Carpenter

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