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The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist's Guide

There's not much I can think of that's a bigger compliment than having a writer who you respect ask you to write something for a series they're editing. A few months ago, I was paid that compliment for the first time in my short career.

Stephen Lawson is a fellow I met at the Writers of the Future workshop. He's intelligent and quiet in a way that I've found common amongst those in the military - Stephen is a helicopter pilot for the Kentucky National Guard. His award-winning short story, Moonlight One, had the most intriguing premise of any story I'd heard in a long time: There are two people living in a base on the moon. One of them is murdered. The other one is not the killer.

What...? I know, you're like, "I have to read that right now!" That's how I felt, too.

A few months after we left the workshop Stephen got another fun idea: write a series of novellas about a guy traveling across America a few decades after the apocalypse - in this case, caused by an alien invasion - and get writers he knows who live in different cities to write the chapter that takes place in their city. There's cannibal gangs and nano swarms that eat anything with an electric charge and religious cults and alien technology that the humans barely understand and hallucinogenic drugs... and that's just in the first two chapters. Some of our fellow writers have some insane stuff planned for the later chapters.

You can order Volume 1 here and my Volume here.

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