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Got a Few Coming Out. Eventually.

Received an acceptance email from the fine folks at Deep Magic magazine this morning for a short story of mine. It's a humorous (I hope) pirate heist story so it's not what most magazines publish, if Deep Magic hadn't taken it, there were more place I could have submitted it, but half of them probably would have said, "This ain't our kind of thing" and the other half just weren't nearly as cool as Deep Magic. I love that magazine. They publish the kinds of things I like to read so getting a story put out by them is going to be a special thrill.

So I now have three short stories pending publication:

"Warchild" will be published in New Myths, maybe in the fall?

"Even Vampires Have a Speed Limit" will be published in Stupefying Stories, though I've got no idea when.

"Blackheart" will be published in Deep Magic, and hopefully they'll give some indication when that might be.

Each holds a special place in my heart, looking forward to sharing them with the rest of you.

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