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New Fiction and Some Notes for the Future

My latest short story (well, latest to be published, I actually wrote the thing quite a few years ago) is out now. It's a humorous little bit of flash fiction, only a few pages long, and can be found here on the Stupefying Stories website.

Been a long time since I've posted a news update on this site. Sorry about that, I've had some... life happening. A bit of a health problem that's lasted over a year. I'm better, but not fully recovered. Still hoping for the best for the future.

Speaking of the future... while I've been busy not writing I've been thinking over what I want my writing future to be. I've decided that as much as I love writing short stories, if I want to write novels I have to dedicate myself to that. So no more new short stories from me for a while.

But, I'm not just going to write novels. I'm going to do something more than that. Much more. It's going to be a whole new medium, the likes of which have never been seen on this Earth and will revolutionize storytelling!

Or, it will waste years of my life and be a big flop.

One or the other, no way to know until I complete it and put it out there. We'll see.

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