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This is where I keep all the unbelievably amazing stuff that will rock your socks off.

Short Stories

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"Even Vampires Have a Speed Limit" appeared in Stupefying Stories on August 27, 2022.

"Warchild" appears in the September 2020 issue of New Myths magazine.

"Blackheart" appears in the Summer 2020 issue of Deep Magic magazine.

"Star Jumpers" appears in Black Infinity magazine issue #5. Available at Amazon.

"The Lost God-Warriors of Dhujapur" appeared in the October 2018 issue of Factor Four Magazine.

"Dragon's Hand" my short story that won the 2018 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award, appears on, was reprinted in the charity anthology A Dragon and Her Girl which you can buy a Barnes & Noble, and was translated to appear in the February 2021 edition of Chinese magazine Science Fiction World.

"Tomorrow's Eyes" appears in the Summer 2018 issue of Broadswords and Blasters, which you can purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

"That Other Austin Severs" appeared in Every Day Fiction on March 26, 2018.

"An Unfamiliar Face" which was listed in the 2018 Tangent recommended reading list, appears in the January, 2018 issue of Galaxy's Edge, which you can purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

"The Magnificent Bhajan" appears in the Writers of the Future Volume 33 anthology, available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

"Lapse" appeared in Unsung Stories on May 13, 2016.

"Sleepwalker" appeared in Daily Science Fiction on April 26, 2016.



The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist's Guide to St. Louis is the second volume in the Post-Apocalyptic Tourist Guide series, created by Writers of the Future and Jim Baen Memorial Award winner Stephen Lawson. Buy the first volume here and my volume of the series here.

Past Novels


The two novels below were my first two attempts at novel-length work. Though they've received some good feedback from agents and a NYT Bestselling author who was kind enough to give one of them a read, I'm not quite sure they're ready for prime time, and neither exactly fit the style I'm developing as my trademark. I do truly love them both. Maybe someday I'll rework them and release them under a pseudonym.

Message Runner


For Jaya, running is life. Delivering messages for the running master earns her food twice a day and a blanket on the dirt floor of the runners' house each night. When she is smiled upon by the gods, her trips take her past the merchant square where she might snatch some figs or a mango from the stand of an unattentive seller.


But when a group of marauders raid her port city and kill all the horseback messengers, she is the only one to escape. Now she must run to get help from the capital city... 300 miles away.


She has no food, no water, no map, no allies. Like a young, female Indiana Jones, her adventure requires her to dive into rapid waters full of hungry beasts, hide in the mist from the unseen creatures that silently hunt for prey, and trick her predators into their own demise.


She is too small to fight the muscular, armed marauders who pursue her. If she fails to outwit them at every turn, she won't survive long enough to deliver her message and save her homeland. 

Bloodloss Empire


Felix fled his low caste neighborhood as a child when his mother was dragged away by the secret police for practicing illegal magic. Since then he has stayed alive by keeping out of sight of the authorities – the only ones permitted to wield mystic powers. But when his adopted father begins dying of old age – at 37 years old – Felix follows clues that may lead to a cure for a disease the government refuses to acknowledge even exists, and might be killing off the entire human race.


Though he has to dodge teenage gangs, hide from black specters, and infiltrate the archives of a military stronghold guarded by the living dead, Felix must push past his fear to save the life of the one man who has provided him a home.


Helping Felix in his flight across this vicious landscape are two allies who are trying to answer questions of their own: his sister, Hanna, who wants to know why she repeatedly encounters a girl with bizarrely colored eyes; and Jens, who searches to discover why he was kidnapped as a baby and given to the emperor’s wife to raise as their child. As the three youths uncover clues they begin to realize that all of these mysteries are tied into one shocking secret from their society’s past.

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